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Agne Vitcaite is a Lithuanian musician and pianist currently living in London. 
Agne teaches piano, music theory to students of all ages. She finds it important that the whole music learning process would be enjoyable, taking place in a relaxed environment. That is why she offers online lessons as well as face-to-face lessons in the comfort of your home, or in her home – based studio in South East London. 

Agne’s piano lessons are tailored to each and individual student, whether preparing for graded exams, entering a music competition or playing for the pleasure of a company with family and friends. Furthermore, the accomplishments of the students are celebrated in the concerts happening during the year.

She offers group as well as one-to-one music appreciation classes to adults. Music appreciation course is a brief 6 hour course for those who want to get to know western classical music and its development through times. Appreciation comes from knowing, therefore you will get to know and understand the development of musical styles through times in line with historical events, anthropology, philosophy and other art forms, such as story – telling, literature and painting. 


Agne has been teaching my daughter piano for 3 and a half years now. She has guided and encouraged her to succeed in her graded music exams, whilst maintaining a lot of fun and enjoyment in her learning. My son has been learning piano with Agne for about a year now. He has enjoyed the fun songs and been inspired by attending concerts, that Agne has arranged, for her students to perform and build their confidence. We have also enjoyed attending as a family to see Agne perform. She is kind and patient with the children and a very gifted piano teacher. I have recommended her to lots of parents looking for a piano teacher and would not hesitate to recommend her.
Agne has taught both my daughters piano for a number of years. Throughout this time she has been consistently professional, inspiring and supportive. Agne is an incredibly talented musician and skilled teacher who motivates her students to do their very best.


Prices are flexible and ranging between 25-60£ depending on a lesson duration
(45min, 60min, 90min) and place.
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